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Hyper-converged IT Infrastructure

The Modern Financial Services Datacenter

Fragmented legacy IT systems= reduced productivity, increased maintenance costs

Companies and financial institutions alike are finding it challenging with multiple IT systems, requiring a large number of manpower to maintain and troubleshoot, hindering their digital transformation progress.

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Simple, reliable, scalable.

Easy & fast fit into existing IT environment, seamless migration with minimal downtime.

Optimized management on a single infrastructure-based system. Scalable and ability to run multiple applications across departments.

Visibility on day-to-day operations, actionable alerts before a problem happens.


A hyper-converged solution that powers and acts as a foundation for your enterprise cloud – a combination of computing, storage, network, virtualization and security capabilities.

No more complex legacy infrastructures, more focus on your application & services performance.


End-to-end management solution for virtual datacenter environments. Powered by advanced machine learning technology, Prism streamlines and automates workflows thorugh a simple and centralized system to generate actionable insights for you to best optimize your infrastructure and virtualization.

IT organizations reported a 60% total reduction in operational costs from using Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure

How much can you save?

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The agile infrastructure that any Financial institution will need, consolidating all your critical applications in a single platform. Separate teams to manage servers, storage, networks and virtualization will be a thing of the past. 


Operational insights, planning and performance monitoring through a one-click infrastructure management. Conduct maintenance, backup, patches and upgrades with no system downtime – with a single administrator.

Future-proof, agile, responsive

Nutanix’s next-generation architecture supports new development of applications with greater agility across IT and businesses through a cloud-like infrastructure. Be ready to transform with new speed-to-market capabilities. 

With new and agile market entrants, rapid technology growth, financial institutions need to be responsive in accelerating their digital transformation to give their customers. With Nutanix-based solution, we enable you with the freedom to innovate and build tomorrow’s applications.